Diamond News

Top Listing Agents for September

  1. Mindy Wardlaw
  2. Michele Love
  3. Lori Meadows
  4. Jenny Spivey
  5. Chris Dowdall
  6. Amy Robinson
  7. Britney McDow
  8. Rachel Pacheco
  9. Connie Crews
  10. Katrina Patrick
  11. Caleb Leggett
  12. Cindy Dyer

Top Producing Agents for September

  1. Michele Love
  2. Jenny Spivey
  3. Chris Dowdall
  4. Mike Anderson
  5. Mindy Wardlaw
  6. Nancy Harner
  7. Britney McDow
  8. Terri Levesque
  9. Marlene Simmons
  10. Rosemary Tingle
  11. Jeff Wyatt
  12. Rachel Pacheco
  13. Kyle Straughan
  14. Trevor Howell
  15. Jessica Oliver
  16. Lindsey Brown
  17. Lori Meadows
  18. Janet McCord
  19. Katrina Patrick

Diamond of the Month

Nicole Rivers

Birthdays for October

Mark Bass- October 2nd
Haley Woollen- October 4th
Ivy Russell- October 6th 
Chelle Ludke- October 7th
Dan Dobson- October 7th
Rebecca Walker- October 11th
Vanessa Hackleman- October 13th
Penny Featherston- October 17th
Connie Crews- October 17th
Britney McDow- October 20th 
Michele Love- October 24th
Michele Key- October 24th
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