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Keithville, Louisiana

Keithville is an unincorporated community that lies in Caddo Parish, Louisianna. While a smaller community, the neighborhoods are fantastic and the oil and gas industry brings in a wealth of jobs to the area. If you're looking to move to the community, you will find that there are a plethora of enticing Keithville homes for sale at just the right price.

Recreational Activities and Things To Do

While there aren't a ton of things to do directly in Keithville, there are plenty of activities a few miles outside of the community, in Caddo Parish. The main attraction within the town is that of the Chimp Haven, which is a fantastic and exciting wildlife habitat. This appealing attraction, a rescue haven for chimps that were used for medical experiments, teaches visitors about the fascinating history of the haven and the specific chimps that were taken there. The local restaurants and farmers co-operative store double as gathering centers for the town community, which is a fantastic way to get to know your neighbors.

Local Schools

The schooling system in Keithville is not very large at this point in time, but the schools associated with the district are regarded quite highly. The Caddo Parish School Board is the head of the Keithville public schools, which include Keithville Elementary School and Keithville Middle School. Keithville is also home to Mount Bethel Head Start, which is a private preschool. At the moment, there is no formal high school in the community.

Real Estate Options

There are a large amount of Keithville homes for sale throughout the community; homes that provide the perfect destination for families with young children or a couple looking to buy their very first home. Many homes you will see in Keithville are wide single-story townhomes, as well as a number of one-family homes. The prices are generally excellent, as the median home price is $120,000. The median household income is generally high at over $53,000, which is much higher than the Louisiana average, and compliments the general affordability of the homes in the area nicely. If you're looking for some great deals, Keithville is home to a decent amount of foreclosures that can help you save a lot of money. If new construction is what you're after, there are a few houses on the market that have been built as recently as 2012.


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